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MOVE Wins National Title at Platinum Nationals!

Crazy, insane competition today and our TEENS left it ALL on the stage! It was the most beautiful magic to see them work together as a team!!!AMAZING! They had over 20 in overalls each in both Large and Small Groups! 4 of the 5 won their categories with 4 or more numbers in each!

Over 900 numbers at Platinum Nationals Myrtle Beach and we couldn't be more proud! Our little brought a LOT!

  • Freedom School 1st Place PLATINUM PLUS 1ST OVERALL - Gala Bound

  • Wish Upon a Star 1st Place PLATINUM PLUS 2nd OVERALL - Gala Bound - 3rd Overall National Gala Champion

  • Watch Me! 1st Place PLATINUM PLUS 2nd OVERALL - 2nd Overall Solo Battle Champion

  • Already Already 1st Place PLATINUM PLUS and 4th OVERALL

  • The List Goes On 1st Place PLATINUM and 4th OVERALL

  • Warped 1st Place PLATINUM PLUS 5th OVERALL!!

  • Submerge 1st Place PLATINUM 8th OVERALL

  • Crazy 2nd Place PLATINUM and 7th OVERALL

  • Sweat 1st Place PLATINUM - Gala Bound

  • I'll Chase the Sky 1st Place Platinum - 10th OVERALL

  • Scoops 1st Place Platinum

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