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MOVE Attends Platinum Myrtle Beach!

INCREDIBLY PROUD of our kids!! What a phenomenal weekend with the MOVE Village Family! The support and love this studio shows one another is absolutely beautiful! It takes a TEAM of people to make all of this happen and we are grateful for all! The competition was fi

erce and we were so happy to be in the presence of so many talented studios! Our MOVE kids SHOWED UP & SHOWED OUT!!!

DRUM ROLL….MOVE WINS TOP INTERMEDIATE STUDIO OF THE WEEKEND!!! Our little brought a WHOLE LOT!!! The kids consistently scored high for MOVE to receive such an honor and we are so proud of them!! Congratulations to the whole MOVE Village family!

  • Freedom School - 1st Place Platinum Plus - 1st OVERALL - Ultimate Invitational - Choreography Award

  • The List Goes On - 1st Place Platinum - 1st OVERALL - Choreography Award - Invitation to Ultimate Invitational

  • Watch Me - 1st Place Platinum Plus - 1st OVERALL Teen Soloist out of 32 - Artist of the Year Nominee

  • Alyssa Johnson - Teen 1st Overall Photogenic Winner

  • Wish On A Star - 2nd Place Platinum - 2nd OVERALL!!

  • Warped - 1st Place Platinum Plus - 3rd OVERALL!!

  • Submerge - 1st Place Platinum - 4th OVERALL - Choreography Award!

  • Already Already - 2nd Place Platinum - 5th OVERALL

  • Crazy - 1st Place Platinum - 6th OVERALL - Choreography award!

  • I’ll Chase The Sky - Platinum and 5th Overall!

  • Scoops - 1st Place Platinum - 3rd OVERALL - Choreography Award

  • Sweat - 1st Place Platinum - 2nd OVERALL - Judges Award “Better Than Coffee”

  • Gift of a Friend - 1st Place Platinum - 3rd OVERALL

  • Make it Look Easy - 1st Place High Gold - 2nd OVERALL

Big thank you to Becky Hudson, Emily Ridgeway and CJ Johnson for getting our kids prepared and ready for the stage!

Much appreciation to our MOVE Moms and MOVE Prop Dads for helping in the dressing room and behind the stage! We are grateful for all of you!

Next stop, NATIONALS in June, but first let’s give Hartsville and all of our friends star studded recitals in a couple of weeks!

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