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Alton Adams, Master Jazz Instructor & Artistic Director

After 30+ years in the dancing business Alton remains relevant and passionate about the development of young people in the art of dance. His extensive experience as teacher, choreographer, trainer, coach and mentor has earned him the accolades as “the teachers’ teacher”. Although Alton’s talents extend through many genres of dance, he is considered an expert at teaching Jazz, and creating large scaled choreography; which keeps his schedule full conducting Master Classes and serving as guest artist in residence for independent dance schools, colleges, universities and entertainment companies around the country.

Alton’s classical, quick moving, ballet technique-layered style of choreography comes from extensive studying with world class master teachers. His training and performance experience was developed by opportunities at the Julliard School of Dance, The University of South Carolina Dance Company, the Columbia City Ballet Company, and a USO Tour with Bob Hope. Alton’s teaching experience is vast and includes a 20+ year career at The Southern Strutt Dance School where he taught all ages, all levels, and all genres of dance… Pre-School through Pro Am.

Alton currently serves as creative director for Move Company Dance in Hartsville, SC where he’s involved in every aspect of training, choreographing, and management for the nationally ranked competitive team. Alton still believes, “In order to become an entertainer/performer, you must first develop a strong technical foundation, then use it to its fullest potential every time you dance. Plus, throw in lots of love, support and encouragement for good measure”.

Mr. Adams is very humble and we are adding that he has been recognized with many, many choreography awards, Regional and National Title accomplishments. He cares deeply for “his” kids and wants them to accomplish much more with life skills they can take beyond the studio walls! So excited to have him for another great year at MOVE!

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