2021 Boot Camp Flyer Revised.jpg

How to be a STAR at MOVE BOOT CAMP:

  • Hair tightly up and out of face (no loose hair allowed)

  • Attire:

    • For all Ballet Classes: Classic Ballet Attire Required (leotard, tights & ballet shoes) & girls: hair up in buns

    • Guys: White T-shirt/joggers/sweatpants/shorts (must not be loose)

    • All other classes: Close fitting dance wear. Two piece are allowed. No loose shorts, joggers, sweatpants or loose tank tops

  • Bring appropriate shoes for each class (Ballet, Jazz, Sneakers)

  • Bring a water bottle (no Sonic drinks or sodas allowed)

  • Be on time, ready and prepared for your first class of the day

  • Hair up and out of face. Buns work best.

  • Please make sure your child has gone to the bathroom before they come. They will have time between classes to change shoes and have a bathroom break.

MOVE Company Auditions on August 14: This day, girls/guys are open to wear their best dance wear. This is the day to SHOW UP, SHOW OUT AND HAVE FUN! You are there to impress teacher panel Remember, hair must be up and out of face.