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Platinum Dance Competition: May 14-16, 2021

Our last and 5th Regional was sold out at Platinum National Dance Competition in Myrtle Beach and the MOVE Performance and Company kids pushed themselves beyond their limits once they hit the stage on Sunday morning! It was the best we have ever seen our kids dance and they definitely showed off! As we always say, “Our Little” brought a LOT to the stage at Platinum and we are so proud of them!

  • Whistle While You Werk – 2nd Place Overall Platinum

  • Startin’ Something – 5th Place Overall Platinum

  • Don’t Cry It’s A Party – 1st Place Overall Platinum Plus

  • Google Me – 2nd Place Overall Platinum Plus

  • The Light in Me – 1st Place Overall Platinum

  • Applause – 6th Place Overall Platinum

  • South Kingdom – 3rd Place Overall Platinum Plus

  • Fire Station #9 – 1st Place Overall Platinum Plus

  • It’s Like Whoa – 1st Place Overall Platinum Plus

  • Locked & Loaded – 1st Place Overall Platinum Plus

  • Stand – 5th Place Overall Platinum Plus

  • Far from Over – 1st Place Overall Platinum Plus

Choreography Awards

  • Alton Adams & Emily Odom – Google Me

  • Becky Hudson – Locked & Loaded

  • Alton Adams – Far from Over

  • Teen Improv Winner and Scholarship to Platinum Dance Collective: Alyssa Johnson

  • Miss Teen Platinum and Discovery Spotlight Scholarship: Alyssa Johnson

  • Out of 222 Intermediate acts of the weekend….LOCKED & LOADED WON OVERALL HIGH SCORE!

And our last honor was winning the coveted Sportsmanship Award for the studio who best exemplifies the attributes of character, integrity, and sportsmanship and chosen by the backstage staff. Our kids, staff, parents and families are the BEST of the BEST and we are so thankful for each and every one of them! CONGRATULATIONS!

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