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MOVE Attends Platinum May 13-15, 2022

MOVE took Platinum by storm today and we are so proud of each of our dancers! This was a sold out competition and they were against some amazing studios!!! No doubt, the best we have ever seen our kids take the stage! Our MOVE Village families were cheering on every single dance! The roars from the crowd was priceless! MOVE Performance Team did an amazing job taking 1st Overall for their very first time competing! So proud!!!

  • Pop Drop Roll - Platinum - 1st Overall!

  • Hokey Pokey - Platinum - 1st Overall - Choreography Award for Becky Hudson!

  • Soul Express - Platinum Plus - 1st Overall!

  • It’s a LOVE Thang! - Platinum Plus - 1st Overall - Choreography Award for Alton Adams!

  • Let’s Work - Platinum Plus - 1st Overall! - Total Package Judges Award - Highest scoring Technique Award

  • Wild West - Platinum Plus - 3rd Overall!

  • Warped - Platinum Plus - 4th Overall!

  • Just Like a Child - Platinum - 5th

  • Upside - Platinum Plus - 5th Overall - Top Jazz

  • Fabulous - Platinum - 11th Overall - Special Judge’s Award

  • Control - Platinum Plus - 2nd Overall- Top Contemporary - Choreography Award for Emily Odom - 1st in Category - Special Judge’s Award

  • Best Friend - Platinum Plus- 3rd Overall - Top Jazz - 1st in Category

  • Nothing Like This- Platinum - 2nd Overall -1st in Category


This is the first time in the history of MOVE that we have accomplished this amazing feat! It takes the WHOLE TEAM to keep their scores up HIGH. It is just like the team event in the Olympics, it is the average of the whole. We were up against 10 of the best studios and we saw so many great numbers! The hard work and effort definitely SHOW UP on the Platinum stage this weekend! Our little brought a whole lot in the Intermediate Division!

Again, congratulations to our talented MOVE Instructors who devote their time and energy to making our kids look their best and also the entire MOVE Village family who love and support us! WHAT A WAY TO END OUR 2022 REGIONAL SEASON!

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