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2024 Revolution - MOVE Showed Up and Showed OUT!

Our kids, parents, teachers and families came together to help create a phenomenal experience at our 3rd competition of the season!!!! It was a heavy competitive weekend and our kids showed up and showed OUT!!! You rallied and made this one of the best weekends!!! So proud of all of you!

  • Fix My Crown 1st Place Platinum, 1st OVERALL, Choreography Award, Entertainment Award, Golden ticket to Nationals and HIGHEST SCORING 9-11 Group of the Day!!!

  • Nothing’s Impossible 1st Place Platinum and 1st OVERALL, Golden ticket to Nationals and HiGHEST SCORING 8 and under Group of the Day!

  • I Feel for You 1st Place Platinum, 1st OVERALL and Golden ticket to Nationals!

  • It’s Showtime 1st Place Platinum and 3rd OVERALL and $300 Battle of the Seas Winner

  • Play 1st Place Platinum and 2nd OVERALL

  • No Frills: 1st Place Overall Platinum, 1ST OVERALL out of 49!!!! Miss Premier Revolution!!! Judges Award Future Star!!!

  • New Attitude: Platinum and TOP 15 out of 39 soloists!!!! So proud of you Bella!!! Great job!

  • Carry You - 1st Place Platinum Category - 1ST PLACE OVERALL out of 22!!!

  • Choreography Award to Michael McManus/Crystal McInnis

  •  Party Go Boom 1st Place!!! Platinum and 3RD OVERALL out of 17!!!!

  • I’m Gonna Like It Here - 1st Place Platinum Category - 1ST PLACE OVERALL!!! Golden Ticket to Nationals - Entertainment Award and 12 AND OVER HIGHEST SCORING NUMBER OF THE WEEKEND!!! -

  • Halftime Experience 1st Place!!! Platinum!!! Golden Ticket to Nationals and 1ST PLACE OVERALL PRODUCTION!!!

  •  Joy - 1st Place Platinum Category!!! - 3RD OVERALL out of 21!!! Wild Intensive Scholarship!

  • Born to Flex - 1st Place Platinum Category! TOP 15!!!

  • 12 & Over Photogenic - Alyssa Johnson

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