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Sr. sololist, Jaidyn, got 1st Place 5 Stars and 3rd Overall! She also got Special Judge’s Award “Sensational Style!”

“Recess Remix” 1st Place 5 Stars, 3rd Overall Jr. Large Group and Golden Ticket to Nationals winners! “The Big Break Down” 1st Place 5 Stars and 4th Overall Jr. Large Group! “Rescue” 1st Place 4 3/4 Stars. Jr. Small Group “Fly” got 1st Place 4 3/4 Stars and 6th Overall!

“House Party” Advanced Grand Line 1st Place 5 Stars, 1st Place Overall Grand Line 12 and Over, Special Judge’s Award, “Explosive Energy!” and received a Golden Ticket to Nationals!

“Disco Heat” 1st Place 5 Stars, 2nd Place Overall and received a Golden Ticket to Nationals. “Empire” 4 3/4 Stars and 4th Overall! “Feedback” 4 3/4 Stars and 5th Overall! “Burnin’ It Down” 1st Place 4 3/4 Stars and 4th Place Overall!

Next stop, Starpower Nationals in July in Myrtle Beach!


MOVE Rocks Platinum in Myrtle Beach!

Just crazy proud! We have the very best MOVE Family and we are ecstatic/overwhelmed with gratitude!! “House Party” Platinum Plus 1st Overall Production and PLATINUM POWER Champion! “Empire” Sr. Inter. Contemporary 3rd Overall Platinum and Special Judge’s Award “Beautiful Moves,” “Feedback” Sr. Inter. Small Contemporary 5th Overall Platinum and Special Choreography award to Alton Adams! “Rescue” Teen Inter. Small High Gold!!! This weekend was by far just a beautiful display of love from the entire MOVE Village. When you are positive and good great things will come to you!


“FLY” Jr. Contemporary Inter. Small Group won 2nd Overall 1st Place Platinum out of 22 numbers and Special Judge’s Award “Soft and Sweet!” “Recess Remix” Jr. Hip Hop Inter. Large Group won 1st PLACE OVERALL Platinum PLUS and Special Judge’s Award “Major Moves!” The Big Break Down” Jr. Jazz Inter. Large Group won 3rd Overall Platinum PLUS! “Disco Heat” Sr. Jazz Inter. Large Group won 1st PLACE OVERALL Platinum PLUS and Special Judge’s Award “Fundamentals!” “Burnin’ It Down” Sr. Hip Hop Inter. Large Group won Platinum!


Alyssa got a Special Judge’s Award, “Pocket Rocket.” 1st Place Overall Platinum Plus out of 24 soloists and named Miss Jr. Platinum!


Special Invitations to 11 and Under Groups for Platinum Nationals went to “The Big Break Down,” “Recess Remix,” and “Let Me Think About It!”


MOVE Success at Hall of Fame! 

Second competition of the season and we were against some of the best in the southeast! "Recess Remix" Jr. Hip Hop won 3rd Overall 1st Place Platinum and Highest Scoring Hip Hop number of the day! "The Big Break Down" Jr. Jazz 4th Overall 1st Place Platinum and Special Judge’s Award "Fierce Energy"! "Fly" Jr. Small Contemporary won 7th Overall and 1st Place Platinum! Jr. Soloist, Alyssa Johnson, won 6th Overall 1st Place Platinum, Showmanship Award, Selected as Hall of Fame All star and received the Highest Scoring Jazz Routine! "Disco Heat" Sr. Large Jazz won  1st Place Platinum, 4th Overall and Special Judge’s Award ”HOT HOT HOT!” "Empire" Sr. Small Contemporary won 1st Place Platinum and 5th Overall! "Feedback" Sr. Small Jazz won 1st Place Platinum and 3rd Overall! "Burnin’ It Down" won Platinum! "Rescue"  Teen Small Contemporary won 1st Place Platinum, 4th Overall, and a costume award!  Sr. Soloist, jaidyn Pate, "The Way That You Love Me" received a 1st Place Platinum and 5th Overall, Special Entertainment Award and she was named a Hall of Fame All star! "House Party" full company Production got the coveted Hall of Fame Grand Slam and 2nd Overall Elite Production! So proud of this team of kids who did the most amazing job and left everything they had on the stage. Congratulations!


MOVE Rocked it at 2019 Star Talent Competition in NC

We had the best experience at Star Talent Productions in Bolivia, NC. "Feedback" Sr. Small Group Jazz won a 1st Place Overall High Platinum and Overall High Scoring 13 and over routine of the weekend! "Disco Heat" Sr. Large Jazz won 1st Place Overall Platinum and received a special Choreography award to Alton Adams! Alyssa Johnson, "Let Me Think About It" Jr. Solo won 1st Place Overall High Platinum and Special Judge's award "Fireball." Jaidyn Pate, "The Way That You Love Me," Senior Soloist won 2nd Place Overall Platinum and a scholarship to Star Experience in October! House Party Production won 1st Place Overall High Platinum. Congratulations to all the MOVE Village for a great start to the 2019 season!

MOVE had crazy success at Nexstar Nationals in Orlando, FL!

There are no words to describe this experience for our Move Dance Academy family! We came to Florida, not knowing what to expect, competed against companies from Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida And Venezuela. Our MOVE kids showed up and showed out at Nexstar International Championship at Walt Disney World! They held their own and should be proud of themselves! Out of 800 plus numbers this week, 91 were chosen to compete at the ultimate Big Show, 3 of those 91 numbers belonged to Move Dance Academy! We only took 8 group numbers and all numbers placed in the TOP TEN! 

"Creation of a Queen Diva" Platinum 2nd Overall Advanced Grand Line! "Bandstand Boogie Swing" 1st Place Platinum and Intermediate 3rd Overall! "The One That Got Away" Platinum and Intermediate 8th Overall! "Victory Check 123" 1st Place Platinum and Intermediate 9th Overall! "Stone Cold" 1st Place Platinum and 10th Overall! Choreography Award for Alton Adams for "Creation of a Queen Diva"! Special Judge’s Award for "Stone Cold", “Passionate Performance!” 

"Work Like a Boss" 2nd Overall Platinum National Award, Special Judge’s Award “You Better Work”. Twist Shout Dance" 4th Overall 1st Place Platinum National Award! "Stand Up" 1st Place High Gold and 9th Overall National Award! 

Three of our dances scored to recompete in the BIG Show on Saturday. "Creation of a Queen Diva" 3rd Overall, "Work Like A Boss" 2nd Overall and "Bandstand Boogie Swing" 3rd Overall! 

MOVE's highlight of the week was when MOVE Village was named "Nexstar Spirit Champion!" 


MOVE Company Slays Nexstar Nationals!


MOVE ended their last competition at Regionals with a BANG at Platinum Dance Competition!" Creation of a Queen Diva" won Platinum Plus 1st Place Overall and the Platinum Power Most Entertaining Group of the weekend!

"Stone Cold" 2nd Place Overall Platinum PLUS, "Bandstand Boogie Swing" 3rd Place Overall Platinum PLUS, "Victory Check 123" 4th Place Overall Platinum PLUS, "The One That Got Away" 5th Place Overall Platinum!

"Stone Cold" also got a special Judges award “Picture Perfect Story Line” and "Victory Check 123" received a special judges’s award “Sensational Smiles!”

"I Wanna Dance" received a 1st Place Platinum and 3rd Overall! "Treat Me Right" won Platinum and 6th Overall!

Our MINI Prep "Just Be Free" came for their very first EVER competition and swept their Category with a 1st Place High Gold!

MOVE Success at Legacy Dance!

Crazy, excited and proud of our MOVE Company at Legacy Dance Championships!  "Work Like a Boss" Jr. Intermediate Hip Hop 1st Overall! 'Twist Shout Dance" Jr. Intermediate Jazz 2nd Overall! "I Wanna Dance" Petite Intermediate Jazz 4th Overall! "Stand Up" Jr Intermediate Contemporary 4th Overall! "Bandstand Boogie Swing" Teen Intermediate Specialty 4th Overall! "The One that Got Away" Teen ...Intermediate Hip Hop 5th Overall! "Victory Check 123" Teen Intermediate Jazz 6th Overall! "Stone Cold" Teen Intermediate Contemporary 8th Overall! "Treat Me Right" Teen Intermediate Jazz 10th Overall! ALL IN THE TOP 10! Teen Company also got scholarships to NYC for "Bandstand Boogie Swing!" MOVE Company Production, "Creation of a Queen Diva" received 2nd Overall Platinum! Congrats to our MOVE Village!

MOVE Company attended Nexstar Dance Competition March 23-25 in Spartenburg, SC. 

"Creation of a Queen Diva" won 1st Overall Platinum in the Advanced Elite Division, Choreography Award for Alton Adams, and a Golden Ticket to the World Dance Awards! "Work Like a Boss" won 1st Place Overall Platinum in the Intermediate Category and Best Costume Concept Award! "Twist Shout Dance" won 2nd Overall Platinum in the Intermediate Category and "Stand Up" won 1st Place High Gold and 8th Overall in the Intermediate Category!

MOVE Company Teen numbers ALL swept their categories with 1st Place Platinums! "Victory Check 123" won 1st OVERALL, Performance Award for Alton Adams, Golden ticket to the World Dance Championships and drum roll please......OVERALL Intermediate Regional Champion High Score of the Day! "Bandstand Boogie Swing" won 4th OVERALL and Best Costume of the Day! "The One That Got Away" by Becky Centeno-Hudson won Judge’s Choice “DIVAS”, Platinum 1st and 8th Overall! "Stone Cold" by Emily Woodard Ridgeway won Platinum 1st and 7th Overall! Can’t wait to see these numbers take the stage at Nexstar Nationals in Orlando this summer! 

MOVE Company Wins Overall High Score of the Day at Nexstar Dance Comp!

MOVE Company Wins BIG at Encore Dance Competition Regionals 2018

MOVE Company attended Encore Dance Regional Competition on March 10-11, 2018 in Lexington, SC. 

"Creation of a Queen Diva" Competitive 1st Place Overall DIAMOND. "Work Like a Boss" Competitive 1st Place Platinum And 2nd Overall. "Twist Shout Dance" Competitive Platinum and 2nd Overall. "Stand Up" Competitive Platinum. 

MOVE Teen Company almost swept overalls with 2nd, 3rd and 4th! "Bandstand Boogie" 1st DIAMOND and 2nd overall! "Stone Cold" 1st Platinum and 3rd Overall! "Victory Check 123" 1st Platinum and 4th Overall ! "The One that Got Away" Platinum! 

Congratulations MOVE Company for an outstanding performance at Encore! 

MOVE Dance Academy at Energy Dance 2018

MOVE Dance Academy Company Team attended Energy National Dance Competition on February 24, 2018. 

MOVE Company won TWO First Place Overalls for their MOVE Company Production "Creation of a Queen Diva" and Alyssa Johnson's solo, "I Wanna Dance" in the Competitive Category. Teen Jazz "Bandstand Boogie" won 5th Place Overall and an invitation to Energy Elite in NYC! They also won Judge's Special Award for the "Total Package." What a great start to the season!


MOVE Dance Academy Wins BIG at

Encore DCS Grand Finals National Championships

MOVE Dance Academy Company Team attended Encore DCS Grand Finals National Championships in Charleston, SC July 7-9, 2017. Over 51 studios competed from all over the United States. MOVE Company teams won multiple recognitions at the event. They competed eight routines at the Grand Finals with six scoring in the Top 4 Overalls and two scoring in the Top 10 Overalls. MOVE Company won 2 Diamonds and 6 Platinum 1st Place awards.

MOVE Company won TWO Grand Final National titles for “Shack Shake” and "Jacksonettes." "Shake Shake" also won Jr. Competitive Entertainment Award of the Day.


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