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MOVE Company Wins Overall High Score of the Day at Nexstar Dance Comp! ​ ​

MOVE Company attended Nexstar Dance Competition March 23-25 in Spartenburg, SC.

"Creation of a Queen Diva" won 1st Overall Platinum in the Advanced Elite Division, Choreography Award for Alton Adams, and a Golden Ticket to the World Dance Awards! "Work Like a Boss" won 1st Place Overall Platinum in the Intermediate Category and Best Costume Concept Award! "Twist Shout Dance" won 2nd Overall Platinum in the Intermediate Category and "Stand Up" won 1st Place High Gold and 8th Overall in the Intermediate Category!

MOVE Company Teen numbers ALL swept their categories with 1st Place Platinums! "Victory Check 123" won 1st OVERALL, Performance Award for Alton Adams, Golden ticket to the World Dance Championships and drum roll please......OVERALL Intermediate Regional Champion High Score of the Day! "Bandstand Boogie Swing" won 4th OVERALL and Best Costume of the Day! "The One That Got Away" by Becky Centeno-Hudson won Judge’s Choice “DIVAS”, Platinum 1st and 8th Overall! "Stone Cold" by Emily Woodard Ridgeway won Platinum 1st and 7th Overall! Can’t wait to see these numbers take the stage at Nexstar Nationals in Orlando this summer!

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