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MOVE Company Slays 2018 Nexstar Nationals!​​

MOVE had crazy success at Nexstar Nationals in Orlando, FL!

There are no words to describe this experience for our Move Dance Academy family! We came to Florida, not knowing what to expect, competed against companies from Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida And Venezuela. Our MOVE kids showed up and showed out at Nexstar International Championship at Walt Disney World! They held their own and should be proud of themselves! Out of 800 plus numbers this week, 91 were chosen to compete at the ultimate Big Show, 3 of those 91 numbers belonged to Move Dance Academy! We only took 8 group numbers and all numbers placed in the TOP TEN!

"Creation of a Queen Diva" Platinum 2nd Overall Advanced Grand Line! "Bandstand Boogie Swing" 1st Place Platinum and Intermediate 3rd Overall! "The One That Got Away" Platinum and Intermediate 8th Overall! "Victory Check 123" 1st Place Platinum and Intermediate 9th Overall! "Stone Cold" 1st Place Platinum and 10th Overall! Choreography Award for Alton Adams for "Creation of a Queen Diva"! Special Judge’s Award for "Stone Cold", “Passionate Performance!”

"Work Like a Boss" 2nd Overall Platinum National Award, Special Judge’s Award “You Better Work”. Twist Shout Dance" 4th Overall 1st Place Platinum National Award! "Stand Up" 1st Place High Gold and 9th Overall National Award!

Three of our dances scored to recompete in the BIG Show on Saturday. "Creation of a Queen Diva" 3rd Overall, "Work Like A Boss" 2nd Overall and "Bandstand Boogie Swing" 3rd Overall!

MOVE's highlight of the week was when MOVE Village was named "Nexstar Spirit Champion!"

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