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MOVE Company at Encore Dance Competition - March 13-15, 2020

Heart is so FILLED!!! Our kids left it all on the stage this weekend! Our families dedication and love surpasses the MOON!

- "Take A Bow"....First Place DIAMOND OVERALL and Special Judge’s “Completely Clean” award!

- "Don't Stop"....1st Place Overall DIAMOND! Special Judge’s Award “Clean & Cool Jazz Lines”! - "Vain"...First Place DIAMOND OVERALL Large Contemporary - "Rich Girls"...First Place DIAMOND OVERALL Large Jazz - "Lock & Loaded"....First Place DIAMOND OVERALL Super Hip Hop - "Conga Bonga"....First Place DIAMOND OVERALL Production - "No Frills Love"....4th Place DIAMOND OVERALL and Special Entertainment award and free invitation to perform at Nationals!

- "Burn It Up", Alyssa Johnson's solo placed 1st Overall Diamond out of 21 competitive soloists and crowned Miss Junior Encore! She was awarded free solo at Encore Nationals in July!

- 4th Place Overall PLATINUM for "Glorious"! - Drum roll.....CONGA BONGA won OVERALL 12 and OVER High Score of the Day!

Cherry on Top...The MOVE Dance Village won the awesome Encore Spirit Award for being a role model studio and having great sportsmanship! This is what we do each and every day at MOVE Dance Academy...loving and embracing each other and whoever is around us!

Thank you to everyone who watched us on the live feed! We appreciate you so much! WE ARE THE MOVE VILLAGE!

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