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MOVE Company at Star Talent Feb. 21-23, 2020

When these kids took the stage this weekend for their first competition of the season, they were on a mission to look crazy amazing! They did just that!

- "Don’t Stop" received 1st Place Overall Platinum Jr Jazz Large group!

- "Glorious" received 1st Place Overall Platinum Petite Large group!

- Drum roll please.....OVERALL HIGH SCORE Of THE DAY for "Don’t Stop"!

- Alton Adams received a special Choreography award for "Don’t Stop" and the group received a free bid to Nationals in Myrtle Beach!

- "Vain" won First Overall Platinum Teen Contemporary

- "Locked & Loaded" First Overall Platinum Teen Line Hip Hop

- "Rich Girls" 2nd Overall Platinum Teen Large Jazz

- "No Frills Love" 3rd Overall Platinum Teen Large Jazz

- "Take A Bow" 3rd Overall Platinum Sr. Small Contemporary

- Drum roll please......OVERALL HIGH SCORE OF THE DAY FOR "Vain!

- "No Frills Love" won a Choreography award for Mr. Alton Adams!

Our little brought so much! Thankful and blessed to be a part of something so good! Way to go MOVE!

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