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MOVE Attends Starpower 2023

MOVE brought their ALL to the stage this weekend! No doubt, this felt like a mini Nationals with all of the talent that was at Starpower Spartanburg! But, even with all the talent, the studios there this weekend were gracious, encouraging, and inspiring! Starpower, even with some technical challenges beyond their control, made sure everyone had a great time and it was a sold out competition with over 700 numbers!!! Starpower gets an A++++++!!!!

Rodney and his staff were AWESOME!! We simply loved every minute of this weekend! Another 5 Star Premier day for our MOVE Company!!!

Thank you to the MOVE Prop Dads who always makes sure everything is perfect before we hit the stage!

Thank you to our instructors who spend countless hours preparing our students to be the best they can be….all the way to being their biggest cheerleaders at the stage!

Thank you to the MOVE Village families for cheering and yelling in the audience and even from home!!! We appreciate you!!

  • Wish Upon a Star - 1st Place 5 Premier! 1ST OVERALL - Golden Ticket to World Dance Championships!

  • Already Already - 1st Place 5 Premier - 2ND OVERALL!!!!

  • Warped - 1st Place 5 Premier - 5TH OVERALL!!!! Starpower Battle of the Seas Cruise Scholarship

  • Freedom School Elite Grand line Productions - 5 Premier! 3RD OVERALL - Golden Ticket to World Dance Championships!

  • The List Goes On - 1st Place 5 Premier - 3RD OVERALL - Golden Ticket to World Dance Championships!

  • Sweat - 1st Place 5 Premier - 4TH OVERALL - ENTERTAINMENT AWARD!!!

  • Gift of a Friend - 1st Place 5 Premier - 7TH OVERALL!!!

  • Scoops - 1st Place 5 Premier - Judge’s Special Award “Funky & Fabulous” - 7TH OVERALL!!

  • I’ll Chase the Sky - 1st Place 5 Premier - 5TH OVERALL!!!

  • Submerge - 5 Premier - 9TH OVERALL - CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD!!!

  • Crazy - 5 Premier - 8TH OVERALL - Special Judge’s Award “Funky & Fabulous!”!!!

  • Watch Me - 1st Place 5 Premier - 1ST OVERALL - Discovery Spotlight Scholarship - 12 and over Overall Photogenic Winner!!!

  • BLOW - 5 Premier - TOP 15!!!

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