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MOVE Attends DIVE Competition on Feb. 25-26, 2023

First competition of the season and these kids left it all on the stage!!! Hard work pays off and it really showed this weekend! All numbers landed in OVERALLS! What an incredible weekend for our MOVE Company Village family!! Big thanks to our MOVE Village made up of the most incredible groups of people! No doubt we are so blessed with many that come support us from near and far including MOVE Alumni who continue to travel with us! Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, brothers, sisters and friends! We are so blessed! We have a whole cheering section that almost filled up the entire auditorium! Thank you to our instructors who continue to support and love our kids all the way to the stage! Your commitment and love for our kids is immeasurable!

  • The List Goes On - Diamond - 1st OVERALL - Choreography Award

  • Already Already - Diamond - 1st OVERALL

  • Warped - Diamond - 1st OVERALL - Entertainment Award

  • Sweat - Elite Platinum - 3rd OVERALL

  • Wish Upon a Star - Diamond - 2nd OVERALL

  • Submerge - Diamond - 1st OVERALL

  • Gift of a Friend - Elite Platinum - 2nd OVERALL

  • Crazy - Elite Platinum - 3rd OVERALL

  • Freedom!! - Diamond - 1st OVERALL

  • Kitri Variations - Diamond - 2nd OVERALL

  • Blow! - Elite Platinum - 3rd OVERALL

  • Watch Me! - Diamond - 1st OVERALL

  • Watch Me! Alyssa Johnson - 13 and over Highest Scoring number!

  • Teen Miss DIVE - Dani-Jo Asaro

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