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2022 Nexstar National Dance Competition

MOVE had a great weekend at Nexstar!! No doubt this was some of the best competition and we do love to compete! We were in the presence of so many awesome studios! We are so proud of our dancers for stepping up to the plate and hitting each number like they would never dance again!

  • Soul Express Production Advanced Grand Line - 1st Place Platinum and 1st Overall! Named Regional Grand Champion for 11 and Under - People’s Choice Nominee - Golden Ticket to Nationals!!!!

  • It’s a LOVE Thang Large Jr Intermediate Line - 1st Place Platinum and 1st Overall - Golden Ticket to Nationals

  • Upside - 3rd Place Overall

  • Fabulous - Top 15!

  • Alyssa Johnson - Miss Premier Nexstar and Discovery Spotlight scholarship

  • Dani-Jo Asaro - Top Costume out of 78 numbers!

  • Wild Wild West - 1st Place Platinum - 2nd OVERALL

  • Warped - 1st Place Platinum - 3rd OVERALL

  • Let’s Work - 1st Place Platinum - 3rd OVERALL

  • Control - Platinum - 5th OVERALL

  • Best Friend -1st Place Platinum - 5th OVERALL

  • Just Like a Child Jr Intermediate Large - 1st Place High Gold and 6th Overall

  • Nothing Like This - High Gold - TOP 12!

  • Entertainment Award!! - Wild West

  • Special Judges Award “Nailed it!” - Let’s Work

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE MOVE CREW for a wonderful weekend at Nexstar!

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